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My name is Michelle Veizaga and I am the artist behind Chelle's Beads.


am a devoted wife, loving mother of 2, 

animal lover to all the furbabies, and a

life-long creator living in beautiful South Florida!

 For as long as I can remember

I have loved taking my hands and using them to create. This outlet has provided me with the opportunity to learn so much about the world around me and hopefully spread a little of the joy that art has brought to my life. 

I am a full-time artist who has honed her skills in hot glass, creating glass beads for jewelry artists around the world. I also developed a love for epoxy resin art, using this medium to create custom pieces of functional art such as tumblers, wall art, and castings. 

Although I love creating, there is also another side of me that has found great joy in passing on the skills that I have spent a lifetime building on. So in 2021, I decided to start my journey as a content creator and take this knowledge to YouTube! This has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life and I cannot wait to continue to mentor and guide new and seasoned crafters alike. 

I believe in a strong sense of community and empowering people to reach outside their comfort zone and try something new! 

I believe that as long as you are doing what you love you will never work a day in your life but rather your work will bring about a sense of purpose and happiness! 

I am so honored to either be the artist in your life who is creating you a new treasure or a mentor who is showing you how you can take your creative spark and turn it into works of HeART! 

Love you all & Stay Creative!


"Through Practice And Thought Might Gradually Forge Many An Art" 


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